Elhae's Aura

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Dope beats, mellow voice, and classic samples makes Elhae an unconventional R&B singer on the come-up. Unsigned with so many projects under his belt his name is spreading like wildfire. His name its self is atypical; Elhae stands for every life has an ending. Moreover, inspired by the 90s era of Hip Hop and gospel, Elhae brings new life into timeless tracks. His songs straddle the field of sensual and thought provoking pulling at your heart and intellect. Well-crafted melodies and open lyrics leave listeners both satisfied and wanting more. The EP Aura is composed of substantial singles all would enjoy. Atlanta based artist, born in North Dakota, songs are a motif of love, admiration and chasing dreams. Being raised by a church mother and a militant father the respect and appreciation for women is reflected in his music with songs like “Wonder Woman” and “Sam”. Contrast is what Elhae bring to the Atlanta Hip Hop game. Unlike his fellow Atlanta competitors Elhae brings an element of delightful edge to the rugged Hip Hop scene there.
His old school feel has attracted big producers like Sevnth Wonder, who remixed Elhae’s “ Halfway Love”. Virtually, his fan base is explosive making him a quiet storm since his first release in 2010. Recognition like this will keep Elhae becoming a more progressive singer to be reckoned with. From his two previous EPs, which centered around heartbreak, this sophomore EP is on the mending path and moving on.
Elhae can easily compete with top artist like Trey Songz and The Weekend. Now with a loyal and growing following Elhae is anticipated to break big this upcoming year. Overall I would give this artist a solid B and this EP a B+. The mass potential awaiting to unfold will be monumental. Songs are available for download on Soundcloud.com and Bandcamp.com

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