Londn Blue- Let it Rain

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Late night drives just got better thanks to the soul baring song that is “Let it Rain” by Londn Blue that adds great introspective into not just his life but the listener’s as well. Londn Blue is a new talent coming out of Alabama. He has the ability to give some of the best energy into a rhyme, this song is an example of just that. Londn Blue’s lyrical prowess is proven as he pours his heart and soul into three minutes of a hypnotic groove. One cannot help to feel like you are right inside of his mind as he drives through his city lights while the rain pours down on his car and mind. What creates this beautiful mental image is based on the deep, steady beat produced by Londn Blue himself and Ande Bishop. The production of this beat has a great progression of instruments that compliment and almost mimic the progression of the way Londn’s mind is evolving as he is growing up. The beat and the lyrics come together in a musical companionship that allows Londn’s audience know more about him. Grab your umbrellas and let the words of Londn Blue rain on you and you will want to do this because you will not want to miss catching this young rapper.
This high-level of musicianship is nothing new for Londn Blue. He has just come off “City Lights” equally as heartfelt as “Let it Rain”. Be sure to keep a look out for his new project “False Hope”.

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