Oba Rowland-Found One

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Raw, uncut lyrics give Oba Rowland his street edge. He asks the pivotal questions everyone must ask like “was you down” and “what would you”. He is being featured and recognized with the hottest new artist of 2015. Haling from Detroit he is much more than just Dej Loaf’s hype man. Dej Loaf even appears on his track “Found One”.  Rowland song selections is a preview and sample of the deep thought that most artist go through at the start of their career. Loyalty, trust and overall enjoying the ladder of success are his main themes throughout this mixtape.
Rowland’s mixtape Found One   depicts the struggle of beginning to be a breaking artist. Although, what is being rapped about is familiar to what is currently heard, the formulation is on another level. This introductory EP is the first step to this heavy hitters’ claim to fame.  Oba is on the verge of being more known.  With artist like Say it aint Tone and Dej Loaf on the same label, IBGM, Oba will have supportive team members to boost him up and vice versa.
Oba is a very engaging rapper most people would feel. He can transition between rambunctious to introverted. His songs “YNCA” and “Around” are two totally opposite sounds but you can hear Oba same energy in both tracks.
Overall I would give this artist a C+. This mixtape is very chill and mellow even the unadulterated songs have a relaxing feel.  There are only seven songs on the ep and each one has its own unique flavor.

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