Devvon Terrell – Weird Sexy Cool

wierd sexy cool
To be honest, within three seconds after pressing play on this track I was sure I’d clicked the wrong link and was listening to Chris Brown and Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Em;” the opening bars sound almost identical. And yet it’s not just that segment that reminds me of other specific songs, throughout the track I felt a sort of reminiscent feeling, as thought a month ago I’d heard it playing somewhere else. It would be wrong to call this feeling nostalgia, because it felt more like I was listening to vocals over a mash-up production—an unoriginal work. Regardless, the song has its merits. The chorus is catchy and the beat is great to dance to, but it’s nothing special. I felt like I was streaming another unfamiliar song circulating on the radio that I hadn’t bothered to hear yet.
Yet I must ask; what more could I expect from a basic dance track? Maybe Devvon Terrell doesn’t care about the lyrics, maybe his goal isn’t to break boundaries but to make a quality sound within them, maybe he just wants to get some circulation. If so, he’s succeeded in that effort, leaving one woman bored in his wake. The track is repetitive and almost formulated to possess the traits of a dance hit. That’s what makes it good; maintaining a high energy that features basic lyrics creates the kind of track you’re thankful to come on during a boring highschool dance. “wierd Sexy Cool” is worth adding to your party playlist, if that list included songs you weren’t already tired of hearing.

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