Tink- Winter’s Diary 3

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Tink is the undeclared princess of R&B, with all due respect to Aaliyah. Timberland’s new protégé is on her sixth mixtape and is not looking back. Winter’s Diary 3 is a collection of complete tracks that are indefectible. The 20 year old is on a fast track to stardom. With producers like C Sick, Jelan Abrams, DJ Wes and Timberland Tink has a powerful backing for her career. Its hard to not be impressed by this artist.
Her songs are filling the void in R&B, with nowadays-poppy bubble gum invading the radio. She is no Taylor Swift or Rihanna or Nicki Minaj. She is on a separate platform all her own. “I like” is the intro to her vulnerable soul, confessing her infatuation for a boy. She pours her thoughts into the song wondering if this guy will differ from the rest. Following, is “H20” which is another sensitive piece full of similes and metaphors, “ you’re the rain to my garden; the milk to my carton.” Each track has a consistent message but the deliverance is so original for each song, more than likely because the producers on this mixtape are so gargantuan and versatile.
Tink considers herself a voice for young females and has every right. She has made an anthem geared at young independent women in her track “Stripclub”. The maturity in her music is beyond her years. It is clear she is a product of a musically inspired environment.
Her flow switches from airy breathy singing to slick, sexy rap.  The song “Medicine Interlude” and “Route 42 to San Fran” are a prime example of how she glides between the too. She concludes this mixtape with a delightful up beat 80’s pop song. This song is different in rhythm from the rest but the story line is still the same. Fans of all ages can particularize to most if not all her songs. Her album is set to release later this year and from what is heard on the mixtape the album is fore seen to be a Hip Hop masterpiece. This mixtape is hands down an A.

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