Beyonce Has Been Accused Of Being A Fake Feminist

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Well some feminists are saying that they don’t believe Beyonce is fully invested in the movement and is only doing all of this for show! While most loved Beyonce’s mix of her classic hits and new popular songs, others were not too impressed. Bey threw her a** in a “Circle”, turned up to Future’s “Where Ya At’, and even hopped out the Porsche to T-wayne’s “Nasty.” Queen Bey used a quote from Ronda Rousey about how she is not a “do-nothing-b*tch.” Huffington Post editor, Alanna Vagianos, is even calling Beyoncé’s performance a “watered down” and “problematic” display of support for feminism. Do you think Bey’s feminism is of genuine care for the movement or just a call for attention?

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