Fakin' – Diggy Simmons x Ty Dolla $ign x Omarion

diggy fakin
Before we even address Diggy Simmons, we must acknowledge the fact that Ty Dolla $ign has literally been everywhere this past summer. Collaborating and producing with Wiz Khalifa, YG, Travis Scott, and most recently Fetty Wap on “When I See Ya.” And though this is Diggy’s track, honestly, I was most excited to see Dolla $ign’s name out of all the three of them. Anyway, to the point, Diggy Simmons is his expected flirtatious self on this new single “Fakin” as he taunts a prospectful partner while harmonizing with Ty Dolla $ign’s solid chorus riffs.
Having been dormant for the past couple years, Diggy Simmons has much to prove to the public if he wants them to recognize his potential. In addition, the slowly increasing frequency he’s been releasing tracks is definitely a good sign. “Fakin” is a great jam, Ty, Omarion, and Diggy harmonize well on it (almost too well, it’s a little difficult to tell them apart at times) and are able to create a fun subtlety sexy vibe.. clearly for the ladies. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the coming months Simmons joins the stream of new radio releases this fall.
At  20, Diggy Simmons has got a lot lined up to end this long summer; with a new upcoming BET original “The Start Up” in addition to recent singles, make no mistake on the what Simmons’ has got lined up for this season. I’m already impressed by the names he’s collaborated with so far this year (DJ Mustard and French Montana among those already mentioned). And Diggy’s other recent singles from this month alone “All Day” a dreamy pillow jam, and “Anywhere (ft. PJ)” featuring a groovy back and forth chorus, provide a strong basis for the LP to come.

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