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Debuting the first single from his upcoming LP The Dime Trap, T.I. (aka Tip) is trekking back onto the scene after contributing to the massive contraversial success that was “Blurred Lines.” Without hearing the other since-released singles that TI’s dropped since then, “Check, Run It” has that easy bounce synth beat combo that I’ve become accustomed to hearing in the background of commercials with our ‘target demographic’. Regardless, the song itself is solid, his voice on the track is relaxed and leering in a fashion only TI could muster. I wasn’t excited for the album before and I can’t say that this track would spark any change in heart, but maybe there’s potential for another “Dead and Gone”-like hit with The Dime Trap. 
Something I’m tired of, something that surely won’t be ending soon, is the majority of the rap genre’s insistence on boasting wealth. Obviously, anyone able to deviate from the economic caste system that has become the American society has the absolute right to boast about it. But there’s defintely an exclusiveness included in this mindset that tends to upset me. “No broke shit in my life, cause I’m scared shit could rub off on me I’m superstitious no lie” is a line that has with bashful attitude that reminds you TI is just 34, too young to be outdated (if you’re quality) and with more than enough time to turn things around with a new LP.
I’m not sure exactly what associating himself with Robin Thicke and Iggy Azalea has done for his popularity, or if it has been successful in expanding his fanbase. Nonetheless, for those anticipating the release of The Dime Trap, “Check, Run It” is an enticing appetizer that should set a precedence for the quality of the rest of the album to be released.
Correction: Since this was written, the album title has change to Da’ Nic and can be streamed here.

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