Future – Blood on the Money

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This video is as despondently symbolic as the song it features; Future details his humble beginnings dealing drugs and avoiding police to reach that universal goal of just getting by. What makes this video great is its unapologetic addressing of the cruelty of the drug game, and the hereditary nature of crime “I can’t help the way I’m raised…I can’t give it up.” “Blood on the Money” is where innocence goes to die; set in the forlorn setting of the rainy funeral of (an assumed) friend, Future and family mourn the death while throwing roses and a single gold chain on the coffin as it descends into the ground. There’s strong imagery in each scene; a constant downpour of rain leans to the verse “washing money all day,” though laundering the blood money doesn’t lessen the reality of another “n***a die” as they drag his body through a stormy field and burn it.

Another recurring image is Future driving in a red Camaro on a road so bumpy it’s as if he’s driving over more corpses. And yet, the overall goal is clearly more valuable than any guilty conscience; he knows “the devil is real” whatever he’s done may be wrong, but he also “got the hood happy” regardless of the fact he “came from cocaine.”
The overall effect of Future’s weighted film is palpable. He succeeds at painting a relentless picture of the immoral practices that led him to where he is today, and embraces their utility with humility, providing an enlightening picture that’s truly “live from the gutter.”

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