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yrs jerzy
As North Carolina’s Queen City becomes a growing hub for burgeoning talent, the time for serious performers to shine is upon us. After moving to Charlotte in high school, YRS Jerzy has made a promising reputation for himself as well as an increasing public presence as he goes on tour with Slide Dillinger and Nephlon Don down the coast. We got a chance to catch a few words from the artist whose potential is palpable as we witness the beginning of his path to success.

How’d you start? How has growing up in New Jersey influence your work?

I started by singles and doing mixtapes and used the contacts I built from that and used the contacts to become the up and coming music mogul I am now. A lot of people are interested in what I have going on because you don’t get rising music moguls very often. Growing up in Jersey City, NJ I always had to hustle and make moves for myself and grind. I always had ambition to go out and get it.

Why did you move to Charlotte from Jersey? instead of NY or somewhere bigger?
I moved to Charlotte with parents because they had to relocate for their jobs. I think it was a perfect move I came out here and instantly met up with several people who did music as well and they are the same people I talk to on a everyday basis. I would go out to NY now but I feel like it’s just to overcrowded and there needs to be more versatility on the scene for me.

Who’s your favorite group/act to collab with?
Right now I’m working with my artists Slide Dillinger and NephLon Don we got a lot going on with future releases, shows etc. I like to work with people that want to get to this success as much as I do. I like working with people that can challenge me and take things to a newer level.

Some tour dates? Next venue?
I just came off a tour called “Stay Connected” with my bro and artist Slide Dillinger we hit a lot of cities from the Deep South to the Midwest heading back to the east coast. It was a great experience for us to get out to all those cities and make those moves. I have a lot more planned show wise just follow-up with me via social media I’m  “YRS Jerzy” on everything.

Are you working on another tour?
I’m always working on something new and I have a couple more out-of-town shows coming up. I will be doing another Charlotte show soon hopefully just getting all my out-of-town shows together. I’m looking to hit a lot more states and out of the country dates.
Just  to introduce you to some of YRS Jerzy’s new material, here are a few links;

This Lyfe” – YRS Jerzy & Nephlon Don
Anti-Social” – Joey Fattz (aka Zooka) & YRS Jerzy
You Dead” –  Catch Lungs & YRS Jerzy
Silver Bullet” – Slide Dillinger

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