Happy Birthday Eminem: Watch DJ Steve Porter’s “A Shady Birthday” [VIDEO]

Eminem has been professionally making music almost twenty years if one considers  his 1996 album, Infinite, as his official debut. Today is the Detroit rap superstar’s 43rd birthday and a new video compiling some of his zaniest moments was compiled by DJ Steve Porter.

DJ Steve Porter has crafted a series of popular remix videos he refers to as “supercuts” featuring everyone from  former Toronto Mayor and undercover rude bwoy Rob Ford to Jamaican track star Usiain Bolt and even Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek. Porter’s latest remix video subject is Eminem, which shows the often stoic rapper in lighter moments.

Rolling Stone writes:

Titled “A Shady Birthday,” Porter’s video zeroes in on Eminem’s breakout year of 1999, cutting between interviews with the rapper that originally ran on MTV, Canada’s Much network and the independent show PhatClips. The Much segment finds Eminem merrily spouting his “My name is …” catchphrase in a parking lot, while thePhatClips excerpts show him horsing around with host D-Ex, professing that he’s “a little shroomed-out” and stating mock-sternly that “I don’t promote drugs.” A clip from 2009’s “We Made You” — “Matter fact, make me a birthday cake” — plays up the celebratory theme.


Check out DJ Steve Porter’s birthday video mashup in honor of Eminem. Happy Birthday, Slim Shady!

Photo: WENN

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