Interview: Joey Fattz

Yesterday, I got a chance to talk for a few minutes with up and coming Pittsburgh rapper Joey Fattz (aka Bazooka Joe) was initially introduced to us as Joey Fattz in his songstealing YRS Jerzy collab on “AntiSocial”. Joey is an entirely understated MC whose talent is unmistakable; just by listening to his most recent tracks it’s easy to recognize that he’s one of the strongest independent talents out today. Zooka’s previous albums include Bazooka Joe 1, and 1.5two-thirds of a cartoon-inspired satirical chronology of bubblegum rap. The final installment, Bazooka Joe 2 is already recorded and will be available sometime in the future. With his new album AKA Zooka just released, Joey is moving steadily towards building the public recognition he deserves. We
discussed influences in his “super small city” of Pittsburgh, possible success on his new album, and potential tour dates.

Let’s start with discussing how you came on the scene, for those who aren’t familiar with JoeyFattz, who are you? How’d you start out?
I came on the scene from murdering open mic nights at local bars, then DJs and other people in the music scene told me that I was nice and to pursue it… So I did, now I’m a legend in my city.
Do you have anything specific you want to say to the public?
The only thing I have to say to the public is get familiar and get ready, cause I’m coming full speed my bars can’t be matched, I work harder than anyone I know.
How has growing up in Pittsburgh influenced your music?
Growing up in Pittsburgh has everything to do with my style, approach and delivery, Pittsburgh is a small city with a lot of violence and hate. So it’s bitter-sweet cause there is also a lot of jealous bitter people here that don’t wanna see you succeed.
Your new single Love is for Fools (prod. by Statik Selektah) is personally one of my favorites; is it featured on your new album AKA Zooka?
Love is for fools is on my project bazooka Joe 1.5 which is the project before AKA Zooka which is entirely produced by Domingo.
Tell us about AKA Zooka, what’s in it for the fans, what’s in it for people new to your sound?
Aka is the best project out right now as far as street hip hop the production is out of this world and the bars speak for themselves, if you like real life music that isn’t all about bottle poppin, buying the bar and typical bs if you enjoy true stories and good lyrics it’s a must have.
When did you come into contact with YRS Jerzy?
I came into contact with Jers about a yr ago when my manager and partner introduced us.
How busy are you right now? Are you touring or recording more?
I’m always recording I’m always busy and working I can drop a Brand new project pretty much anytime I want (hahah) like I said nobody works harder.
Any new projects coming up?
Yea we have some things in the works but we are still focused on AKA because the project is that good the world needs to know.

As he works on assembling a tour in the Northwest, Joey is marketing his album and filming videos his fan base. It will be exciting to watch him progress to the next level in his career in months to come.
Joey’s exclusive interview with 24/7HH is available here.
That Music” – Joey Fattz, Chevy Woods, YRS Jerzy
Anti-Social” – Joey Fattz, YRS Jerzy
Profit, Power, Control” – Az, Nutso, Joey Fattz (prod. Domingo)
Authentic” – Zooka Joe, Chris Rivers, Nutso
Love is for Fools” – Joey Fattz (prod. Statik Selektah)


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