Candice Pillay – Party 4 Da Low

pillay2After discovering her impressive contributions to Dr. Dre’s latest masterpiece Compton, hearing her extensive portfolio of songs written for Christina Aguilera and Rihanna, and reading about her journey from South Africa to collaborations with various artists throughout LA–you could say I was led to expect a lot from Candice Pillay.
Today, we’ll be focusing just on her most recent single “Party 4 Da Low,” which is a funky dance track that exemplifies her ability to commingling elements of electronic and trap music. Pillay’s vocals are used in an inventive way throughout the
chorus, and though they’re heavily autotuned, her obvious musical talent is more prominently present in other tracks from her new album The High
What primarily intrigued my interest in the new artist was her association with Dre and Lamar on the new track “Genocide” on Compton. This endeavour has proven excessively beneficial for her public success, which I’m sure she’ll use to promote her future singles. Regarding her experience, there is no denying Candice Pillay has paid her dues; having written a whopping seven songs on Aguilera’s album, and penning Rihanna pop hit (one of my favorites) “Cockiness,” Pillay done everything but sit idle before her turn in the spotlight.

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