Ponomo- "The Musical Awakening"

The New Jersey based producer, Ponomo just released his hip hop and EDM mashup, The Musical Awakening. This new project is full of beats that make you nod your head or want to get on the dance floor and shake what your momma gave you.
Over the course of eight years, Ponomo was often the producer making beats for upcoming artists in the NYC Tri State Area; however, now is his time to create a body of work that many people who have worked with the producer would appreciate.
If you are into EDM, tracks like “480 Volts” and “4 AM in Cargo” are crowd-pleasers, whereas “The Juice” is for the hip hop heads. Surprisingly enough, Ponomo dropped “Funk Intermission,” which is a track that is far from the typical EDM and hip hop sound. “Funk Intermission” is just mad funky with guitar licks and so much more. That track is a standout out beat.
Check out “The Musical Awakening here: www.cdbaby.com/cd/ponomo3.

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