Chad Michael released a brand new EP

‘Rain’ is the debut EP of Arizona native Chad Michael. The emcee and singer, currently based in Los Angeles, wrote and recorded this diverse combination of six songs over the course of 2014-15, drawing from experiences and lessons learned while in college and after moving to Southern California two summers ago to pursue a career in music. 
The release ranges topically from intense, world-beating anthems like ‘Different’ to heavier, introspective songs such as ‘Nights Like This’ and the title track ‘Rain’. The opening track, ‘Evolution’ is immediate proof of the emcee’s verbal capabilities, while ‘Miss Me Now’ also provides a playful cockiness to round out the 25-minute EP. Arranged thoughtfully, the record’s ups and downs convey not only a collection of songs but a compelling story-line as well.
Having only recorded for less than four years, Chad uses ‘Rain’ as an opportunity to continue to explore and refine his burgeoning mixture of sounds. Whether crooning softly to an old flame or attempting to navigate the difficulty of societal pressures, the young artist’s intelligence, raw ability, and passion shine through the crisp, often bouncy production of Oregon producer Emotion Beats.
‘Rain’ comes three months after the Soundcloud releases of six remastered tracks from a 2013 project, ‘World on Fire’, and a cover of R&B artist SoMo’s ‘Ride’ in October, which showcases a surprisingly versatile vocal range.
With more on the way in 2016, including expected collaborations with established artists and new visuals, the future appears bright for the 24-year-old. ‘Rain’, while still undeniably raw, uses this point to its advantage, and proves to be a good place to bookmark the early chapters of a promising career.
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