Dedrick Jamaal – T.A.T.A

T.A.T.A starts off with “Crew Song,” Dedrick’s smooth flow and the dope beat brings curiosity to what the next song has to offer. This mixtape has music worth plugging the aux cord into your car for, but there are also some songs our ladies should enjoy too. He raps and sings!
“I See You (Visions)” ft. Coco Chanel will definitely grab the attention of the feisty girls and “Often” offers something grown and sexy to hear. Dedrick brings some familiar sounds and lines from a couple mainstream rappers such as Young Jeezy and ILOVEMAKONNEN that grab attention.
T.A.T.A highlights Dedrick’s growth as an artist, being motivated and even setback along the way. He tells his life story through this mixtape. From sacrificing his college education so he could pursue his dream of making music in Dedication he says: “came from recording outta closets to dropped outta college.” To expressing his issues with being in a committed relationship because he allowed his parents’ relationship to dictate his and he struggled finding a woman he can settle down with. Untitled: “See I can’t get to you because I’m in the way.” His music is clearly his story and a gateway to motivate others to pursue their dreams while reminding men and women that they are “kings and queens.” It is rare even from some mainstream artist for them to be so open in their music, so this is something listeners will appreciate.
Dedrick Jamaal has something that almost any age group can relate to. Whether it is a college dropout experience, falling in love, starting from nothing, being in your own way and even having haters. Even though this ain’t the album (pun intended) we get a raw glance into Dedrick Jamaal’s life in as an artist and just as a regular person that the listeners will enjoy and respect.
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