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The sample beat from Sampha Sisay, a British electronic music singer and songwriter makes “Arcade” a light and catchy song to listen to. Kaidyo gives a Kid Cudi kind of vibe. The song sounds fun but if you really listen to what he is talking about, you can catch that he is talking about a girl letting him know she doesn’t have time to “play games.” “Imma say this once so listen I don’t need you independent I ain’t got no times to play them games with you… cause this ain’t no arcade.” Kaidyo’s approach to the story behind this song is different from a lot of music artists. I would consider this to be a kid friendly way to make music about relationships. Songs don’t have to be over sexualizing women or full of profanity to be catchy and likeable and Kaidyo delivers that in this song.
“Arcade” painted a picture in my mind of a teenage love affair and this is the girl’s first crush. She doesn’t know what to do, but she is sure that being played is out of the question (I could be wrong).  You have the mom telling Kaidyo not to be in a rush to date: “momma telling me to slow down oh I guess you think you grown now.” That is something most people can relate to when they get their first boyfriend or girlfriend. To make it catchier, the analogy to the arcade finished the image in my mind of a young couple. He also uses an arcade analogy that sounds like his “first time.” “Hit them buttons just right, hit the high score can me move it left right tryin to keep them steps right see you tryin to level up do better than before.” Kaiydo does a great job at creating smooth analogies so that anyone can relate to them. The song overall was one that’ll make people blush thinking about their first relationship or crush. He tells a story that everyone has or will experience at some point in his or her lives.
“Arcade” was made to commemorate Kaidyo reaching 50,000 plays on his first song from Colors and Sounds.  It currently has 116,000 plays and it has been shared over a thousand times. It’s an easygoing track that will help listeners reminisce about their first love a little.  Listen to “Arcade” at https://soundcloud.com/kaiydo/arcade. It’ll make you smile.

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