Mikey Dollaz- Hot Boy

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Immediately, “Hot Boy” can grab anyone’s ear with the beat. The production of the instrumental alone is enough to make anyone bob their head without even listening to the words. Expect the unexpected from this song. It starts off like any rap song would, but right in the middle, the momentum completely switches from a smooth flow to a rock sound. Personally, I cannot relate to a lot of the stories behind “trap music,” but I enjoy it because it strangely hypes me up. Believe it or not, girls love listening to rap songs like this when they’re getting dressed to go out. After all, who really wants to listen to love music before going out for a “turn up?”
“Hot Boy” proves that more hardcore rap does have a message outside of violence and drugs. Listen to the story Mikey Dollaz has to tell his listeners: “I remain a winner cause I lost a lot.” He didn’t have to go into specific details about his life to know that he is passionate about being successful in the music industry. Mikey Dollaz wants to make good music and from the lyrics (and his name) it’s pretty safe to say he is striving to be financially successful in his music career too. “Mikey Dollaz all about a bill, Mikey Dollaz pop a lot of pills, Mikey Dollaz need to really chill, Mikey Dollaz trynna get a deal.”
The lyrics of Hot Boy seem to target just that… “hot boys” and maybe encouraging aspiring rap artists too. A true “hot boy” could relate to the context of this song from not f*cking with people to “never loving women.” Nonetheless, even if you aren’t a hot boy anyone can relate to wanting to be successful in whatever they do.

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