FEATURED: Bozz Lay'Dee- "Don I Tho"

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I love it when I get to hear indie hip hop female artists nowadays because in the mainstream world, there’s only Nicki. So it’s refreshing to get submissions from women who are doing the damn thing.
So here comes Bozz Lay’Dee, an artist that knows what she wants and how to get it. She’s an hustler and her music portrays that. Her latest single, “Don I Tho” is an easy head-nod club banger with a catchy hook and some dope bars. Surprisingly, Bozz has a southern-type flow and delivery; however, she hails from Chicago. So going through more research on this artist, I found out that she opened up for artists such as Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, Young Jeezy and the likes. This explains the inspiration in how Bozz raps in her songs. Either way, I like it.
“Don I Tho” is confident, unapologetic and bad ass. Bozz knows how to spit rhymes and that is what matters most. Yes, she has the look and the sound, but having the talent outshines all of that in my book. In the track, Bozz raps: “Yes, I’m new to the game/ but I ain’t tryna intrude/ Seen this spot, so I took it/ Please don’t get it confused/…I got my city on my back and I ain’t letting it loose.” She sums up the reason why she’s here in the rap game and definitely explain straightforwardly that she isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
STREAM “Don I Tho” below. Let me know your thoughts about the track?

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