BTS: Rohan Da Great Talks "SMYK" Tour

We have been following Rohan Da Great for some time now. The multi-talented hip hop artist knows how to push boundaries and to create authentic and honest music that either gets us thinking, in our feelings or sometimes dancing. From his first single (that’s how we first heard of him), “Rule the World,” to his latest, “Money Maker,” Rohan Da Great continues to be different and explore versatility like no one else has. What I like most about Rohan Da Great is his determination and passion for music in general. It helps that he comes from a musical background and is in tune with hip hop, reggae, and EDM. The latter has made him a rising star.
After hopping on Dani Deahl’s “SMYK” track, things changed for Rohan Da Great. He comfortably found his voice in EDM and the track “SMYK” has received mega recognitions from reviews from Billboard and other popular music magazines and sites. This opportunity landed him on Dani’s SMYK tour, in which Rohan Da Great was able to meet new fans, brand himself, and have a great time as an artist and performer. It is wonderful to see such success happening to him and we are truly eager to see what he has up under his sleeve next. As he preps his next project, The Real and his latest single, “Money Maker,” Rohan Da Great gave us an exclusive peep into his experience on the SMYK tour. Check out his highlights and what one fan did on stage.
Watch it here:

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