Bryson Tiller or Tory Lanez?

A lot of women like Bryson Tiller because he’s seen as the male artist speaking up for how women feel being mistreated in relationships. “Don’t” went viral and social media went crazy. All the young guys were hoping Tiller didn’t encourage any girls to go out and “find what they deserved.” It was entertaining to read all the Instagram posts and tweets after he told men around the world “don’t play with her, don’t be dishonest.” Bryson Tiller tends to be pretty honest without seeming arrogant in his songs, which is also a plus to attract women like in “Sorry Not Sorry”: “girl I’m sorry you not the one for me.”  That’s a fairly polite way of saying you don’t want some one right?
Tiller and Lanez are fairly close in their style of music, however Tiller’s lyrics have more emotional influence than Tory Lanez lyrics does. I enjoy listening to Bryson Tiller for some of the same reasons many women do, but his impact is what makes him the stronger artist. If anyone reads the posts under his music he or she would see how Bryson Tiller makes his listeners feel and sometimes you hear conversations about it. One of the comments read “This song got me wanting to apologize for another n*gga ex” in response to “Right My Wrongs.” These things are joked about all the time, but he really makes his fans feel strongly about his music, even the people who aren’t in relationships get in their feelings listening to Bryson Tiller. Being able to emotionally influence an audience means that the artist has done his or her job successfully. “TrapSoul” was a strong first project for Bryson Tiller to prove himself lyrically.
Bryson Tiller is also a better singer than Tory Lanez is, making some songs by Lanez less attractive despite the quality of the lyrics.  Tory Lanez’s “Henny in Hand” definitely has a sexy vibe that I’ve never received listening to Bryson Tiller, however the quality of his voice does not compare to Tiller’s.
One thing Lanez is excellent at that I haven’t seen with Tiller is utilizing samples of other artists and their beats definitely make anyone want to listen. His sample of “Pony” by Ginuwine gave his song R.I.D.E a seductive vibe. He also samples Alicia Keys “You Don’t Know My Name” and titled his song N.A.M.E. Sampling a song correctly is a wise move because it’ll make someone listen simply because the beat sounds familiar. He has quite a few selections outside of the ones named where he creatively samples popular 90s and 2000s beats. Outside of Ginuwine and Alicia Keys he’s sampled Destiny Child in his song “SMN,” “Scrubz” by TLC, and he even named the song after them. This is one technique Lanez has over Tiller that grabbed my attention because I am a big fan of 90s music. Lanez may have competition with Drake in the future, but for now Tiller gets all the points for defending the honor of women!

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