Joella DeVille- Submit To Ya

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With her new hit single “Submit To Ya”, Joella DeVille bursts into the R&B world as confident as ever. The Jersey City native is as smooth and pure as gold when it comes to good music. We learned much more about her during an interesting interview on Limerence Magazine and we were impressed by her!
We learn who inspired her to do the work she does, who helped her pursue her dream, and why. Joella is someone who is down to earth and true to herself, especially when it comes to her music. Being that she worked hard to get to where she is, and still is, learning about her is something you will enjoy! “Submit To Ya” is one of the most amazing singles out there, and sets her a part from any other indie artist today.
The single will have you addicted within seconds, and sharing it all over every type of social media possible! Joella DeVille will leave you wanting more after giving her a chance to wow you with her incredible beats!


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