Pick: Travi$ Scott or A$AP Rocky

Last October, Travi$ Scott was scheduled to perform at Morgan State’s homecoming, but he bailed out the day of the show. Rick Ross replaced him, and I’m not sure why, but that wasn’t enough to stop the students from getting refunds. Travi$ Scott and A$AP Rocky have two completely different mindsets when it comes to rap delivery. Let’s take “Mamacita” as an example. Watching the video you would think “A$AP would never do anything like this.” Travi$ Scott’s approach in rap delivery is unique and way outside of what I’m used to at least. His style of rap is difficult to describe because of its oddity, but some listeners may enjoy that. Personally, I respect Travi$ Scott being “outside the box” with his creativity, but I find his music difficult for me to follow. I listen to his music and ask myself what exactly is he talking about? Truthfully, every song I listen to I’m not looking for it to have some deep meaning or significance, but outside of “Antidote” and “Tourist” I can’t connect with Travi$ Scott. Even in “Antidote” I don’t know what he’s saying a lot of the time but because it’s catchy I enjoy listening to it and the beat is an ear grabber. His songs get a lot of play at parties and kickbacks because I’ve noticed that people who smoke marijuana like to listen to Travi$ Scott (maybe that is why I cannot connect). In regard to content, Travi$ Scott seems to talk about the same things in most of his songs: drugs, sex, and drinking. So while the songs are catchy Travi$ Scott can be a lot more versatile. He’s able to produce a club banger “Wonderful” featuring The Weeknd is great, but what about people who listen to rap hoping to really get something from it?
A$AP Rocky is a lot more versatile in his craft than Travi$ Scott is. He has the same ability to produce club bangers such as “Lord Pretty Flacko” or his feature on Shabba Ranks with A$Ap Ferg. I haven’t listened to every Travi$ Scott song ever, but I haven’t heard anything about love whether it’s being in love or the lack thereof in any of his songs I’ve heard. One thing A$AP is great at is taking a sex, drugs and money song, but still making mean something. A song that talks about drugs or money doesn’t have to be shallow. One of my classic favorites is Houston Old Head. He immediately talks about “rolling up” in the song, but overall the song is talking to someone wiser about survival “if you listen when your old head talkin’ you’ll be straight.” A$AP Rocky has a song for every mood especially if you are feeling confident: “Fashion Killa” is one of A$AP Rocky’s songs that caters to the ladies. Listeners can appreciate when an artist is genuine and A$AP Rocky is the more genuine and relatable rapper to a general audience than Travi$ Scott is.

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