Submitting Music 101

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Submitting music to blogs could be either the easiest or most difficult thing to do. One must realize that the impact they have as a music publicist on blogs is crucial.
The first step to a phenomenal submission to a music blog is to introduce the artist. The subject line of the submission/email submission should be straight to the point and NOT a cliche. Cliche’s are exactly what bloggers ignore when they see them pop up in their inbox.
Next is the intro. The introduction should be detailed, and to the point, so that the reader is drawn into it completely. You want the reader to be so interested in the artist, that they can’t help, but have to listen to their material. The description of the artist needs to be professional and precise, as well. However, it has to be contemporary and modern as well. It cannot be too formal, or too informal. The introduction should include a biography of the artist¬† (a.k.a where they grew up, why they became an artist, what their passions are, etc.) One this portion is over with, you need to include links to the artist’s work. Without these, the reader will have to resort to searching the internet for the artist and might not find reliable links. With the links posted within the submission, it’s very easy for the reader to copy and paste them into their browser and listen to the artist’s work – as one hundred percent raw and real content. If the artist has links on Soundcloud, for instance, this also is great because the blogger can then share/like the artist’s work on social media and/or with peers.
Speaking of social media, this should also be included in the submission to the music blog. Sites like the artist’s Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, YouTube page, Tumblr blog, etc. are extremely important to mention to the blogger. Like previously mentioned, by having these links available to them, the blogger can learn more and more about the artist themselves through social media sites. They can see what fans have commented, liked, and promoted themselves. Therefore, they can further promote them by sharing photos/posts from the artist’s social media pages.
It is also extremely important to include photos of the artist within the submission itself. Whether these be personal photographs from the artist’s Instagram page, or professional photos taken at gigs the artist has played or performed at, having photos in the submission itself always helps open up the eyes of the reader, to be able to see the artist right away while reading about them.
Lastly, you should sum up the submission by describing why you, as a publicist, love the artist you are submitting about. Talk about how incredibly talented they are, and how much recognition they have gotten since their career kicked off. Persuade the reader to want to find out more about your artist, and end on a short and positive note that they won’t regret helping to promote the artist!

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