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Get ready for the hit single “Desire” by Dej Loaf! If you’re looking for flavor to spice up your music choice, this is the hit for you! With her phenomenal lyrics, the song will certainly liven you up! Fans were raving about her EP #AndSeeThatsTheThing, and now she’s back with this amazing music video for “Desire”, which was also featured on the EP. 
Produced by IzzeTheProducer, Dej puts her heart and soul into the song. Without the help of Izze, the music video/track wouldn’t be what it is! With such a beautiful backdrop of the woods as well as a stunning mansion and lake, nothing could get better or more entertaining than this video. The visuals help bring out how powerful and truthful the song is, and how much meaning there is within it. Most music videos enhance the beauty of the songs being performed in them, and this video is the perfect example of that. The truth embedded in this track is as powerful as artist’s like Logic and J. Cole, and Big Sean. This single is one you won’t want to miss. Dej’s lryics on on top of the game, as well. With lyrics like these, one can’t help but be amazed by Dej’s talent:
“I can’t hold back I gotta live life
Go and get everything that I desire
Why you playin’ with stones?
If you don’t like fire
What’s the point of playin’ roles
If you ain’t gon’ own the title”
Watching this music video will bring a new light into your world of music! The song’s chill vibes truly bring out the true artistry in all hip hop music. Without a doubt, Dej Loaf is the perfect artist out there to help boost your spirit in music. Given that she worked so hard to achieve to be where she is now, her music, and this music video, truly represents that and shows how much she values being an artist in today’s hip hop industry. 

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