League x Cheyenne Wright- "WANW"

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Inglewood California’s very own League is back again with another hit with his song “WANW” featuring Cheyenne Wright. The title, “WANW” stands for  “Wish A N*gga Would” which Cheyenne sings so smoothly in the chorus of this catchy track. This track proves that he’s an artist that is very versatile in his styles. His song prior to this, “My Neighborhood” was definitely a hard-knocking song repping his pride for Inglewood. Cheyenne Wright is also a songstress from Cali. This track is definitely a smooth flowing track accompanied by the mellow sounds of a female voice.
The beat was produced by David Bait (who is known for his soulful, 90s type beats) and Jay Kurweil (who is also known for his 90’s type smooth beats). Together, these two producers created a smash hit with the instrumental for WANW. The beat is bumping but at the same time has a chill feel to it which is reminiscent of traditional Cali rap music or something similar to a Kendrick Lamar or Vince Staples song. The smooth flowing melody mixed with League and Cheyenne’s vocals were definitely a perfect match.
In the track, League starts of by rapping about how he’s come up and basically criticizing others who expect to be at his level without the hard work that he has put in. He also mentions how because of his status, others are jealous of him. He raps “How you on the team if you ain’t eating instrumentals” and later on in that verse, “All these n*iggas mad and I ain’t even get the memo”. The chorus that kicks in with the mellow sounds of Cheyenne Wright singing “Motherf–kers they be trying me…but I stay ready ain’t no get ready”. She too is also speaking about the fact that because of the new status, people are starting to act funny. It doesn’t bother them, but if push comes to shove, they’ll be ready to handle it. Wright’s verse goes in depth and talks about how fake people are starting to act and pretending to be things they aren’t. League comes in accompanies Wright at the end of the verse then leads into his last verse. League is calling out all the posers and fake people out on all the things they claim they are/have accomplished. He raps “Making all these moves how your car still be in park boy Got these n*ggas fooled ya’ll been faking from the start boy”. The song ends with the chorus kicking in one more time then the instrumental fades out.
Even if you’re not a rapper or artist, this is still a track that everyone can relate to. Everyone has met at least one person who has tried to be something they weren’t. This is a catchy track that everyone will feel.

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