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Promoting music has changed dramatically since the beginning of the internet age. However, the promoting world has benefited greatly from this. Music is the center of most everyone’s world. No matter what, music has always been the way to escape from every day issues and stresses. People rely on it, frankly. And it also helps that it’s a wonderful type of art. This art is so easy to spread around the world, today – and the most efficient way is through the internet. Artists need recognition, and one way to do this, is to submit their music to various of music blogs  However, this isn’t the only way to promote them.
<Social Media
Artists, you can use social media as a way to spread the word about your artist’s music. For instance, connect to a blogger, retweet their content or comment on something the blogger tweeted. Always introduce yourself: “Hello, my name is *blank*. I’m an artist from *blank*. I would love to send over some new music.” Or something of this nature. Another great example is to create a Facebook page that is professional and you can promote your music this way, by gaining likes and new fans. This gives you an easy outlet to promote your music through posts inviting people to concerts/events, links to music videos, photos of the live concert or promotion photos, merchandise links, and so on.

Speaking of merchandise, it’s one of the greatest ways to promote your artistry online and off line. At almost every concert today, there is always a merchandise stand ready to sell things like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, jewelry, etc. By having people simply wear these items out in public – this promotes the artist extremely well. The clothing could have the tour dates printed on them, or of course a photo of the artist or drawings associated with the artist themselves. These small things make a huge difference when promoting yourself.
Youtube & Instagram
Getting back to the topic of the internet, and social media – ads have become the center of how to promote artists over the years. Advertising on YouTube, for instance, is the best way to promote your music especially toward the younger audiences. Ads might pop up before music videos for a certain artist for another artist related to that first artist that the person is about to watch. This is a brilliant tactic. Another social media site that is great for promoting your  music is Instagram. Instagram has blown up over time in an insane way. Now, you can use all different types of apps to create videos of a certain song and post them on Instagram. By posting them within the video as well as hashtagging things related to it, it will spread like wildfire. This is the best way, in my opinion, to promote your music.
Getting your music to be advertised on many different types of applications is also a great idea. Apps like Soundcloud, Shazam, Spotify, and Fahlo are perfect for this. Specifically Fahlo and Shazam are great apps that help promote artists every day. Fahlo is an app that you can make an account for an artist, and promote them and them only, whether it be about their upcoming shows, singles, albums, merchandise, etc. This page can be followed by fans just like a Facebook page can be followed/liked as well as a Twitter page, etc. Personally, I feel apps like this have helped tremendously to promote artists and their work.
Overall, social media and the internet is the best way to promote an artist’s music. However, spreading the word about your music can very well be done without the internet. By simply talking to people about your music and in general can easily get your information out there. In fact, this is one of the most efficient ways of getting people into your artistry. By showing people your music outside of the workplace and casually mentioning your music to people, people become curious and interested. Like mentioned before, music is the center of the world and helps make people unique, and it shapes our personalities. Most people are open to expanding their music taste, so no matter how you promote yourself, someone will always be interested.

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