Fayze – Yearlong Vacations & Constant Celebrations

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Ill Fayze’s long-awaiting mixtape, Yearlong Vacations & Constant Celebrations is now available on different streaming platforms such as Soundcloud and DatPiff. The 13-track mix is upbeat, eye-opening and engaging. I know Fayze as a rapper, in which he raps on 12 tracks, but he surprisingly sings on one of the tracks (“Let it Bang”), adding some diversity to YVCC. The mixtape shows potential strong lyricism, impressive production, and a creative concept from a killer neon artwork cover to Fayze’s brand.
Fayze switches up his flow throughout the mixtape, sounding similar to that mainstream cool trap flow and sometimes have a rapid speed of alliterations and clever wordplay, that highlights his witty rap delivery.
“Mattress King” is the opener and with that hard-ass beat and catchy hook, this track sets up listeners to expect something light and fun. “Mattress King” is definitely a club banger for sure. However, “Won’t Be Fayzed” featuring B Dot Fresh is an experimental trap beat that goes a little dark as far as sound, but is a motivator for a song.
“Hypnosis” is a standout track where Fayze’s raps effortlessly on the Sean Ross beat. This song is one of the best production wise. Another great produced track is “Go Blind” featuring Tony B and T-Josh. Here is where Fayze surprises me again because “Go Blind” is a strong song for the ladies: “I kind of wanna meet you, but I don’t know why/ Everytime I see you, I lose my mind.” The three artists blend well together on this collaboration.
Fayze leaves the lady serenading behind and moves back to his original sound. “Yeah Buddy” seems like a filler on the mixtape and is almost forgettable, but B Dot Fresh is a highlight. Nonetheless, Fayze picks up the momentum with “Game Over.” This is where is wordplay comes off as best, so smooth: “Women in my visions/ Dollar bills in my peripherals.” This track is summer 2016 ready.
“G.O.A.T” (feat Foster Song), the closing track that brings everything full circle. It’s another experimental beat with an infusion of hip hop and EDM elements, even a tad bit of techno. Fayze spits the real on this track: “No matter what they say, tell them I’m gonna be great.” Confidence is definitely what you need in this game and Fayze has that down pat.

Connect: @illFayze

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