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Social Media and PR 101 When Promoting Music
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When it comes to social media and promoting music, targeting age groups is one of the most crucial aspects in order to succeed. In today’s world, everything has become linked to social media in some way or another. To promote movies, use social media. To target a certain audience for a television show, or a product – use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, Tumblr, it never ends. The list goes on and on, and there are probably sites still developing out there specifically to promote music.
There are even applications for smart phones now that are extremely useful for music promoters. The most popular example is an app called Fahlo, which is used specifically for fans to follow PR accounts about a certain artist, including music videos, event reminders, merchandise links, deals and contests for fans, etc. The PR world has benefitted due to the internet and it’s excessive websites/apps for social media, today.
When it comes to specific tactics that sites use to promote music, themselves, Facebook is a great example. This is used not just for music, but for anything promoted on Facebook whatsoever. The most popular, though, is indeed music. When a user clicks ‘Like’ on a post/video/photo posted on Facebook, their data is then stored and re-organized by the website in order for it to keep showing them posts related to the one they ‘liked’. This promotes certain artists in an amazing way, it spreads their information out there like wildfire within the entire internet – because by ‘liking’ certain things on the internet, the information is passed along instantaneously.
A PR agent can also post their own videos/photos about their artist on social media. Hashtags have become a crazy way to spread the word about new music online. Hashtags (#newmusic , #type of genre, #artist name, #album name, #song name) are great ways to get people’s attention, especially people who often use social media like the younger generations. Twitter is an incredible way to spread the word about new music online, as it collects data about what is trending on the website constantly. Facebook does this as well and PR workers can gain so much recognition for their artists from it. So, without a doubt, no matter what website or app that is used – there is always a new and efficient way to promote music on social media.

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