Jay Mizz- "We On" ft. Chinski

This music video for Jay Mizz’s “We On” track was on fire. The entire dynamic of the video and song was perfection. When it comes to hip hop – key signs that an artist will go far is that they have great flow when they rap or sing, and that is exactly what Jay Mizz has.
You can tell when he raps that there’s passion embedded behind his flow. The best part of the song is definitely the hook, which will automatically get you ‘hooked’ into the beats. By featuring Chinski, the song is so well put together and catchy that you won’t ever want to stop hitting replay. Amazing lyrics, as well.
If you like artists like Jay-Z and 2 Chainz, then you will definitely love Jay Mizz. The chill vibes that come from this song and music video itself truly represent what a true developing hip hop artist is today.

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