Review: TightWipes, Hip Hop & Sneaker Culture

Hip hop culture and sneaker culture goes hand in hand. Without hip hop culture and the impact of the artists/DJs making certain sneakers popular, then it’s safe to say that sneaker culture wouldn’t be as influential as it is today–especially to the millennials.
So if you are a sneakerhead and want the latest and trendy items, then stay tuned because we have discovered a product that all of the sneakerheads will appreciate.
TightWipes, a company founded in 2014 and brought to the retail market in 2015, is making waves as they branch out to becoming a popular and trendy product on the market. The company was birthed in Staten Island, NY. Now they have an online store, placements in different stores worldwide. So what is TightWipes?
Simple, TightWipes is the new, quick, and easy way to clean all sneakers, shoes, and belongings. If you want your shoe game fresh, TightWipes is the product you should be using. TightWipes stands out from other competitors due to them having “a special, patent pending, cleaning formula, which is safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.” That’s the best any consumer can ask for.
Here are some fun facts about TightWipes:
SAFE ON APPAREL – Cleans and renews dirty sneakers, shoes, jackets and handbags. Can use on anything leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic.
SAFE ON HANDS – Conditions and nourishes as it cleans. It’s safe and gentle on hands, that means no dangerous bleach chemicals.
NO MESS – Quickly and easily remove dirt, scuff, grime, dust and stains. No liquids to spill, no paste to harden, no moms towels to steal.

Tight Wipes is exclusively found on
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