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7 Reasons to Hire a Music Publicist
Starting off in the music business can be pretty tough. You may not know exactly what to do or where to start. A lot of the times, you might think you know what you’re doing, but aren’t seeing results. You keep asking yourself “what am I doing wrong?” This is when the need for a music publicist comes in. I’ll be mentioning 7 reasons why a music publicist is necessary below.
Doing everything by yourself can take up the time you can be using to make music
Public Relations takes a lot of work and dedication. It may be hard for you to juggle both. Just imagine marketing yourself, running all your press, setting up meetings, etc all day by yourself. There’s no time for your music if you’re doing all that and if you are, there’s no way it’s at it’s maximum potential. Hiring a music publicist will take the weight of all your promotional needs off your shoulders.
Having a Publicist on board also makes you look more professional.
It proves that you’re confident in what you’re doing and that you’re serious as well. It also   shows that you know you can make it which is impressive for record labels.
The more exposure the better.
You may have current exposure now but you can’t miss out on gaining more! More is good! Having a music publicist can elevate your exposure greatly. They can introduce your music through outlets and places that you probably wouldn’t be able to think of on your own. Bloggers, podcasters, etc will be more likely to listen because you have a credible person speaking on your behalf.
Enhancing your brand.
Having a publicist will makes things so much easier for you. They will handle all your pitches, press kit, and website work. They will create such an amazing artist bio that people will be drawn to you and want to learn more-plus listen to what you have to offer musically.
Quotes are Key.
A publicist can get you authorized press quotes that will make your press kit look superior! You can then use these quotes and show potential promoters, labels, distribution companies, etc who will be more inclined to read it because it is organized and highlights some great points.
No Worries When You Go on Tour.
When you go on tour, the key is to get more fans and buzz where you’re going. A music publicist will do that for you before you even reach your destination. The more press in that area, the more people that will show up to see your performance. Not only that, but a publicist can hire press and photographers to come to your performance as well.
Publicists have connections.
More than likely your publicist has connections to radio stations, blogs, or people in high positions in the music industry. They can sometimes use these connections to get you some opportunities  and to places you would have not been able to get to on your own.
With that being said, hiring a publicist doesn’t mean ALL of your work is completely done. You have to make sure that you are giving things to work with as well. You can’t give them nothing and expect them to make something from it. Hiring a publicist is like hiring a right hand man. It’s more teamwork than anything.
Another thing is that with publicity, it is more about the effort and time put in and that is what you are paying for, not for results. A lot of artists think that if not enough results were produced then it wasn’t worth the time. This is negative thinking and it is also wrong. You can base how successful a PR campaign was by how many times the song/album/mixtape was sent out and what the responses to it were. Don’t get me wrong, there should be some results coming up from the campaign, but it’s all about the effort and dedication that was put into it all. Also, it might take a little longer before some of the results show up later on in your career.
With all this being said, hiring a music publicist will be a great move for your career!

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