Verse Simmonds- "Never Get Enough"

Verse Simmonds is a well-rounded singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer who has a long history in the business and co-wrote several tracks including Justin Bieber’s “Confident” and “New Flames” by Chris Brown featuring Usher and Rick Ross. The multi-talented artist hasn’t put out any music since 2015 but earlier this week, he released “Never Get Enough”.
The track samples lyrics from “Dove’s Cry”, one of the biggest hits from the iconic musician, Prince. The release of the song and video was obviously timed in relation to his passing. In the hook, he says “maybe I’m just like my father” because of his lack of satisfaction and maybe he’s just like his mother because he loves too easily. The song seems to blend the sounds of the percussion used in trap music with the mellowness of R&B, using simple and melodic harmonies. Simmonds sings honest lyrics, admitting “perfect is never enough” and he likes having options. Because of the unique fusion of bass-bumping instrumental and a groovy melody, the single is still smooth enough that it can be played in your earphones but has lyrics catchy enough that it can also be heard in the club and on the radio.
Simmonds faces the dilemma of remaining faithful in the midst of temptation. The lyrics are contradictory at times and seem to be written strategically to reflect the emotional and mental battle between the “devil and angel” on his shoulders. He tells his woman that she’s more than enough, reinforcing the idea that ‘it’s not you. It’s me’. Verse knows he’s in the wrong; but for some reason, he can’t resist the temptation. In the bridge, he encourages his lady, telling her not to “ever question your worth. Ain’t no limit to the sh*t you deserve”.
The singer doesn’t say what the exact issue is but it seems like he’s scared of commitment or “the recipe”. This may be why he can’t accept the woman he’s with, even if she is “perfect”, no matter how bad the consequences of his indecision are.
Although it’s slightly vulgar, Simmonds did a great job of conveying an issue that most experience at some point. This single has the potential to be a big hit because its content is so relatable. It’s not exactly groundbreaking but it has all the elements to be a chart-topped. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Verse Simmonds.

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