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Here are two things to know about RELIVE’s self-titled album: the instrumentals are lit and they are a group on their way to greatness.
RELIVE’s sound is a beautifully blend of hip hop, R&B, and soul. For a group of young men, this is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to mainstream music. Despite many obstacles and changes in their budding career, RELIVE continues to reinvent their brand and give listeners that sweet taste of what is missing.
RELIVE’s self-titled is a melodic soulful collection of 13 tracks. Just picture if The Roots, Dwele and John Legend made a collaboration with a hip hop lyricist added in the mix–this would be it!
Their opener “Party Loud” showcase their strong cohesive sound and talents. Whereas “Glory,” the victory track, highlights RELIVE’s lyricism, vibe, and realness. “Glory” just makes you feel good while listening to it. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser and a song for the underdogs.
“Put On” sounds like a track that Dwele would sing on. The smooth and soulful track is just perfection. From effortless harmonizing, dope hip hop flow, and a good message, “Put On” is a real standout on the album.
Another track, that is a personal favorite (and from the looks of the Soundcloud plays is a fan favorite as well) is “HighMinder.” The vibes that this song gives off makes listeners feel like they’re on cloud 9. The message of the song speaks volumes about struggles, love, and life.
“Where We Be At” is an uptempo track that will move you to dance. The mood of this song seems to not fit, but sonically, somehow it works as a great closing track.
Honorable Mentions: “Champion,” “W.Y.G,” and “I Can’t Stay”
STREAM the EP below:

Twitter: @reliveofficial

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