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10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Single
New artists are always wondering what the best ways are to promote their single, competing in a vast network saturated with thousands or records, no matter the quality. Here are some ways to catch the eyes and ears of potential fans while promoting your single.
Take advantage of hashtags. The catchiest hashtags can be talked about for weeks so if you can come up with one related to your single, the traffic coming to your page and link for the song and/or video is almost guaranteed to increase. Also, use them in your posts and tweets so that you are easier to find but don’t overdo it. Use just enough so that your posts are easily recognizable.
Blog consistently so that curious eyes and ears can get to know you. Reading your thoughts can give them better insight about who they’re listening to and why you make your music the way you do. If listeners are able to relate to your lyrics and who you are, they are highly likely to continue listening and may even tell their friends about the new artist. Keep your information fresh and up-to-date. Show your listeners and potential promoters/bloggers that you care about keeping everyone abreast of the things going on in your life.
Reinforce your logo throughout your website and social media pages. Your social media pages should be linked so that your various platforms are easily accessible. When new listeners are checking out your pages, they’ll need something to remember you by. Having your logo posted as much as you can will serve as that reminder of who you are. Also, having you logo on clothing can be another form of self-promotion.
Be active on your social media accounts. Let potential listeners and followers know who you are. What makes you and your music different? Give them a reason to listen to your material over another artist. If you have a blog, post consistently to keep supporters abreast of your latest projects and connections made.
Be interactive. Like posts and engage with other users to show that you appreciate the support of listeners, new and recurring. Maybe even allow some Q&A. Also, when you answer inquiries and give thoughtful responses during interviews (that should be posted to your website/blog), it shows anyone who comes across your platforms that you care about your craft and gives more insight to why you write and perform the way that you do.
Cross-post when you can. Some users may have discovered you via Instagram or your twitter so post links of interviews and other recent events to keep potential fans interested but remember to switch it up. Each account should be unique in its own way rather than a copy of your other accounts.
Retweet posts from your connections. Help to promote their blog/clothing line/music and they’ll do the same for you. Promotions can be costly and having connections can help put your foot in the door, sometimes for little to no cost. Cost shouldn’t be the biggest focus though. Making those connections can create long-lasting relationships.
Follow and reach out! If you see accounts or websites that look like they may be interested in your material and also that you may be fitting they post, follow them! Interact with them! Some bloggers and social media users may not be interested, and that’s okay but it you don’t send them any of your material, you’ll never know. That one blog could be the key to getting hundreds of new listeners or earning a key slot in a show.
Use YouTube. Make sure that your channel shows who you are. Although some videos may be spur of the moment, you should have high-quality and professional looking videos that are able to capture audiences. Also, the content of the digital works should be unique in some way.
Perform it and Live it! Practice the things that you preach in your songs. Perform your songs like it’ll be your last chance on stage. Give it your all, every time! Also, film videos of your writing and recording processes. This gives listeners yet another chance to get to know the person behind the lyrics streaming through their speakers.
Ideas courtesy of and Ariel Hyatt.

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