Spotlight Interview: Ali Future

Rap and hip hop music is changing nowadays. The evolution is encouraging rap artists to be different images than was was depicted at least 10 years ago. Therefore, just because the image is eccentric, doesn’t mean the lyricism or bars aren’t there. Overall, never judge a book by its cover because you might miss out on a good thing.
This brings me to my point of a newbie rap artist by the name of Ali Future. Social media is a powerful tool for scouting artists and making connections. Ali Future is a Soundcloud artist making music his way and doing his own thing. The Ohio native is quite different with an unique story to tell. His sound sort of fits with what you may hear on mainstream radio, but he talks about his life, desires, and obstacles, giving his music an edge. This young cat is headed in the right direction and isn’t following a trend to get there.
Check out my interview with Ali Future as he talks about his discovery of hip hop, thanks to listening to Hopsin, his new plans in music and what makes him stand out from the pack.
Who is Ali Future, the artist?
Ali Future: Ali Future is just a simple 17-year-old kid from Ohio, chasing his dreams. Honestly it’s the other side of me. The more aggressive “fuck you” kind of side. My true self “Ethan,” just has a lot of insecurities and worries, but Ali is like an escape for me, ya know.
Talk about your upbringing and how you discover hip hop.
Ali Future: My upbringing isn’t really anything special, but throughout my whole childhood, I haven’t really had any friends and have kind of been the outcast of every group. So I’d just turn on some music and get lost in it. My friend at the time told me about this rapper named Hopsin and kept telling me I should check him out and when I finally did, it completely changed my whole view on rap and what I wanted to be when I get older. So I’d have to say that’s when I truly discovered hip hop.
What made you want to become an artist?
Ali Future: When I saw videos of Hopsin performing (laughing). I saw the crowd and how energetic they were and knew I wanted that. Also I saw how he got to actually speak what he feels and people would listen to him. I never really had that so it really inspired me and made me want to become an artist.
Who are your top five favorite artists out right now?
Ali Future: 1. Denzel Curry 2. Childish Gambino 3. Keith Ape 4. Pryde 5. Hopsin
Talk about your songs and what you have planned for the rest of 2016.
Ali Future: Oh man, my songs mean a lot to me.They’re me telling my story and how I feel. Also I have so much planned this year. I’m dropping a mixtape, a lot of songs, music videos, performing and so much more.

Where do you see your career in two years?
Ali Future: I see myself being an underground star honestly. I think I’ll always be underrated and slept on (laughs). We’ll see though.
Are you working on any mixtapes, shows, or collaborations?
Ali Future: I’m currently hard at work on a mixtape. It is called “It Came from the Swamp.” It’s very dark and really shows me. Also I have some collabs coming with Supa Bwe , JJ tha kid and a bunch of other people. I have no clue about the show part yet though because I want to make sure I have all my songs perfect and everything’s right.
Thus far, who has been your favorite artist and producer to work with?
Ali Future: Working with Johnny Twuft was really cool.When I contacted him he was very nice and respectful. He worked really fast and hard to get the track done and I really appreciated that. My favorite producer to work with would definitely have to be FlameAlkahest. He’s very polite , nice and caring individual .He’s made a lot of beats for my upcoming project; he’s a sick producer. I’d definitely recommend both of them.
Describe your sound and your image.
Ali Future: Wow that’s tough, I’m starting to go more towards a darker and and aggressive sound with my music.I want it to really reflect who Ali is. My image is just me, ya know.
Anything else you would like to share with our audience?
Ali Future: Yeah I’d like to say thank you to all the fans. I couldn’t do this without you guys!

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