Interview: Steve Gunna & “The Prequel”

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Interview: Steve Gunna & “The Prequel”
The definition of the word prequel is “a literary, dramatic, or filmic work that prefigures a later work.” So with that definition in mind, expect a great album sooner than later from Steve Gunna, a young artist bringing his versatility from The Bronx, NY by way of Jamaica. The Prequel is his introduction to what he has in store for listeners.
Steve Gunna considers every action in life to be a story, and he turns his stories into lyrics. Steve Gunna adds: “[I] just want people to appreciate my lyrics and my versatility.” This statement rings true and his lyricism and versatility is definitely highlighted in “Trifling,” which is the ending track off of his project, The Prequel .
“I like to be very specific in my songs,” he says when describing the concept behind “Trifling.” This track focuses on cheating, but this time it points out that women can cheat too. It’s an interesting concept and has been told many times in hip hop music, but the art of storytelling is one of Steve Gunna’s strongest suits. Since “Trifling” was the topic of discussion, Steve Gunna gave his true opinions on the subject. “[I don’t] think the topic is controversial. And I didn’t get any backlash on it.”

Surprisingly, the feedback on the song was more comical than anything. Listeners just took the narration for what it was and didn’t make a big deal out of the actually content. “Guys [loved] that track for giving it the male perspective,” Steve Gunna adds. And like most hip hop artists, content is drawn from personal experience. But Steve Gunna’s case is different. “No, I’ve never experienced that situation before. But there are some men that has. I’m not [one of them].”
In hopes of having a big turn out for this project release, Steve Gunna is on his grind promoting The Prequel and telling more stories through his music. Be on the lookout for more music from Steve Gunna this summer and fall.

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