Spotlight Interview: Young Havoc

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Young Havoc is an artist straight out of Louisville, Kentucky with some great potential in the rap game. Following the trap rap grind, Young Havoc is out here making moves one song at a time. I got a chance to interview Young Havoc about his latest music, ideal collaborations, and some of his highlights so far. Check out the interview below.
Tell us about yourself and your music.
Young Havoc: My music is both hype and chill, something you can listen to any time, and still have fun.
How would you describe your sound?
Young Havoc: My sound is catchy.
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
Young Havoc: Making my album “When Pigs Fly” has been a challenge to get everything perfect. I had to even start over, but it’s been a fun challenge to get the best music out to my fans.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
Young Havoc: I’m currently working on my album,  “When Pigs Fly” and I’m going on the OMG It’s Lit Tour, touring around California.
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
Young Havoc: The biggest highlight in my music career was getting a million plays on soundcloud, for my track “IDK,” if it wasn’t for my fans I would have never been so blessed.
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s)
Young Havoc: A ideal collaboration I want to do is with MGK and Outkast on the same track and I’d also like to do a track with Jay IDK.
Name something random that people do not know about you.
Young Havoc: Something random people don’t know about me is that I’m a marine.
What’s one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
Young Havoc: One thing I’ve learned while being in the music scene is you can’t be shy to talk to people because connections can get you places. You still have to look out for people fucking you over, not every connection is a good one.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Young Havoc: In the future you can expect more music, the album “When Pigs Fly”  and more shows.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Young Havoc:  Also if the readers have not heard about my tracks, look me up on soundcloud Young Havoc of Apex. And follow me on Twitter @ItsHavocBaby
Twitter: @ItsHavocBaby

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