Interview: LaScrilla Talks 'Against All Odds'

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LaScrilla is one of the most buzz-worthy artists coming out of Savannah, GA and is repping his hometown to the fullest. Being fully independent and networking with the best of the best, LaScrilla is able to reach new fanbase and brand himself more than ever. To show and prove what’s next for him, his latest project, Against All Odds, is an autobiography of his lessons in life, experiences, and his truth. You’re not going to find a lot of artists who are creating music with substance, truth, and rawness. So keep your eyes open for LaScrilla.
I had a chance to interview LaScrilla to discuss more on his project Against All Odds, his highlights and achievements and upcoming plans. Check out the interview after the jump!
What is one misconception that people, usually listeners have about southern rappers?
LaScrilla: That we’re just trendy and we don’t offer any substance.  I think people like to paint southern rappers as being a fad, that we’re only able to make hype music that doesn’t have any depth. 
How are you putting on for Savannah, GA?
LaScrilla: My biggest goal for my city is to show people that I grew up with that one of us can make it out.  That we can get from Savannah, GA to somewhere like the BET Awards, XXL, etc.
We need to see positive things from our community, because that hasn’t happened in Savannah in a long time.

Let’s talk about Against All Odds,” what can we expect from this project?
LaScrilla: Exactly what the title suggests, Against All Odds.  I wanted to make some music that reflects how Tupac felt during the last year of his life.  That urgency, hunger, reality music.  A lot of people don’t make music like that anymore.
It’s a short project, really just an introduction to people outside of my core to give them an idea of the quality I can produce.
You’ve been in the music industry for a short time now, what are some pros and con’s of being an independent artist?
LaScrilla: The pros of being independent is when you make money, you keep it all for yourself, and creatively you don’t have anyone negatively influencing you.  And being that street music is my strong point, I would never want to water it down and compromise the truth that I put in my music for sales.
The cons of it is nobody believes in you at first.  It’s a show and prove thing. Everybody just want your money, if you don’t know anybody, you’re pretty much assed out. 
It’s hard to find good leadership and people willing to invest in you, or even believe in you.  But it’s something that you have to overcome.

What would you say is your biggest highlight of this year?
LaScrilla: Linking up with The Street Execs!  Al rubs shoulders with the blessed, he’s responsible for so many careers within the music industry.  Just to have someone as powerful as he is believing in you does a lot for your confidence as an artist.  They’re one of the most respected music companies in the industry.
What’s next for you?
LaScrilla: We’re already looking forward to the next project before the end of the year. Growing the fanbase, shows, videos, merch, etc.  You’re gonna see my name in a lot of major places.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers.

LaScrilla: Savannah, GA has a lot to say, we’re doing this for the town.  Staying focused on being in the position to make my city known and give back for generations to come.

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