Nefertiitii- "Queen Supreme"

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Hailing out of Baltimore, Maryland, Nefertiitii shows her homage to the top female rap artists that have influenced hip hop and other female artists. Based off Lil Kim’s “Queen Bitch” song, this first single off the mixtape The Goddess Returns definitely packs a punch.
The visuals for the video are dope. It’s a heads on video with just Nefertiitii alone showing her dominance similar to how Lil Kim always shows in her videos. Nefertiitii also had a snake which also is a symbol of vital energy and immense power.
This was the best song to first put out because it sets the tone for the mixtape. She’s here to take her thrown and no one will stop her. Her execution is very similar to the Queen Bee herself. “Not your typical chick more than just a visible physical but the physical will make you wish you knew”. Hard hitting, dominant, and assertive are the adjectives to describe this very dope single. The Queen has arrived. Queen Nerfertiitii that is.

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