Kellect Music- DayDreamin

Kellect Music is an up and coming hip hop artist with a story to tell. With his latest single, “DayDreamin,” Kellect gets honest and real in his lyrics, which is something his fans and new listeners can appreciate. His music has a message and the substance in the lyrics make his experiences somewhat relatable.
Despite the trap beat to this track, the overall message is about dealing with the day to day struggles in your life and coming up with better solutions for yourself. The trap beat, which is catchy, will lure the listeners in. It is a great strategy because listeners grativate to trap-like beats to dance to. And them when they hear Kellect rap, they will understand that this track isn’t a trap song. “DayDreamin'” is a life song. Talking about Kellect’s fears and struggles as well as his dreams of success.
Kellect gets raw as he raps: “I’ve been daydreamin’ all day, just thinking about my past. And how far I’ve done came and I won’t let my foot up off that gas. I’ve been daydreamin’ all day, just thinking about my son. My whole life is a struggle and he won’t ever have to see none.” And that’s the realist rhyme we have heard this year. Real man status. Kudos to Kellect Music on making such a dope track.

Twitter: @KellectMusic

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