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‘Scuse me? You haven’t heard of Wiseproof before? Well you will soon.
Hailing from Oakland, CA and Miami, Fl, Wiseproof is one talented artist with many accolades. Not only is he a singer/Songwriter for the psychedelic rock band “Nosolo”, but he is also a Wordsmith & Emcee with Way Deep Radio & Planet Irie Records. His talent and skills has gotten him noticed from some of the tops artists in the game now. He even opened for Kanye West and Aceyalone just to name a couple. It definitely makes sense as to why Kanye would find interest in him and why he would let him open for him. They have a similar uniqueness about them when it comes to their thoughts as well as eye-grabbing music videos as seen in his video for “More More More” below:

His recent single “Scuse Me” is also an ode to his fast-tracked mind. The instrumental really makes this song special with its various instruments and smooth yet frantic sound. It also plays well with Wiseproof’s lyrics because they are also smooth and frantic.The song includes a lot of repetition which easily makes it a catchy song. The phrase “Scuse Me” floats around the instrumental as he raps about what’s going on through his mind as he is also talking to a certain young lady apologizing for his spastic thoughts.

The song is very interesting and very reminiscent to something Tech Nine might rap. The single is from his Ep “Trapadelic EP” which was released March 16th. His Trapadelic style is definitely something to be on the lookout for. The Ep itself is a mix of Dub Hop, Tribal Bass Hop, Dred Bass, Hip Hop, Rap, Electro Rock Hop. With his long dreads and free-spirited mindset, this EP is definitely a must listen to.
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Here are his contact links. Check him out!
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