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Primo JAB is here to let you know that hip hop isn’t dead. They are a duo that is owning up the sound of the original wave of hip hop. Primo JAB embrace hip hop culture to the fullest. With their straightforward-no -chaser attitudes, hustler’s ambition, and talent, makes them unique because they are a raw talent and definitely aren’t a gimmick. Primo JAB’s music is something that should be on every listener’s radar. If you like rap and hip hop music, then you will quickly become a fan of Primo JAB.
I got a chance to interview the guys to talk about their humble beginnings, artistry, inspirations, and of course their new music. Peep the interview below!
Tell Us abut yourself and your music.
o$o: Whats’ up world, this is o$o G, the voice of Primo JAB. Chicago born and raised, west sider, Oak Parker, living in Atlanta. My music is Raw Rap, period. Our styles and techniques inspired by various dope emcees, real life and pure love of this thing of ours, hip hop culture.
Bless: godBLESSbeatz aka Bless. The architect of the Primo JAB sound, influenced by Curtis Mayfield, DJ Premier, Old RZA, and Alchemist. Boombap slime. Hardcore soul music.
How would you describe your sound?
Bless: Nuttin on wonder woman’s tittyz.
o$o: Official rap action, certified dope, El puro puro.
Talk about the experience making your album.
O$o: Lot’s of champagne and OJ, ya kno Mimosas like my Powerade. But on the real,seeing bullshit happen to people worldwide, public executions by these cops, colorado loud, life love and…stripclubs.
Bless: Yeah, lot’s of champagne and sleepless nights…And dreaming about the tears of fuck n***az who will be eradicated by our sound.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
O$o: Dear 85er…DIE is the new album out now… Available on everything. Search in your search bars, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal all that… Gary Coleman featuring Conway The Machine, ill shit google Primo JAB, book us for whatever shows wherever… We outside daily, ready for action JAB JAB JAB.
Bless: S/O The man Courteous L , that’s JABfam right there. Our project, Profit or Prophet coming soon, then Oso & a.flip got BEARWOLF coming and right after that a.flip Full Moon Everynight before 2016 ends… We take this serious.
What has been the biggest highlight in your musical career thus far?
Bless: Never trying to make fuckshit. Never making something that was fraud… That’s the only reason we still going… We ain’t recording shit unless it’s exciting, JABtastical shit.
O$o: Exactly, but even more so, getting checks from music, seeing that it’s people who wanna shop with you. I’mma artist but shit, listen to song number 2 on JABnetics. We are Ble$$ed.
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s).
Bless: Styles P, Jay Elec, Nipsy
O$o: Currensy, wsg/conway, shiit put me and Ghostface with a Max B hook on a godBLESSbeat…2chainz,Future, Sauce Walka,Meek, Dark Lo, Action Bronson..Kendrick..Fab. Sean Price rip..any of them! I’m a fan of a bunch of people currently doing they thing from all over. Hip Hop ain’t dead.
Name something random that people don’t know about you.
Bless: We smart as shit.
O$o : smart as fuck…
What’s one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
Bless: Lames will do anything for the spotlight, we won’t.
O$o: Lot’s of advice comes from the sidelines. We in the game, not talking about the next step… Taking it.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Bless: We will not put out any thing if it is not dope. Period, I would rather die.
o$o: Chuuch 2x. Expect to see Primo JAB worldwide. We outside, really about it, making it happen, no talking.
Anything you would like to share with our readers?
Bless: Primo JAB gives back to the community. We offer consultation to lames trying to change their lives for the better and support them with the tools needed to not relapse into fuckery. We’ve single handedly brought dirt smoke intake down 16% last quarter alone. We’ve helped strippers realize their true hidden talents. And we successfully persuade wack rap suckas to put down the mic on a daily basis.
o$o: Primo JAB is all about making the world a better place, by showing and proving that you don’t have to embrace the suckas shit in the world. Any of us can make a change by not accepting fuckery in our lives. This music is a soundtrack for people who want the best. When you see that JAB crest, you can rest assured that you are going to get the finest product. Make hip hop dope again!
Twitter: @Primojab
InstaGram: @primojab

Music Links:
iTunes: Dear 85er…DIE (Album)
Spotify Playlist:
Youtube Playlist

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