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You’d think by now an avid music fanatic girl like me would be totally overjoyed, in fact, overwhelmed by the sheer influx of new high quality tunes for this summer sixteen. However, there’s an itch I haven’t been able to scratch, and until recently I didn’t quite understand why I found myself skipping song after song. It wasn’t because my favorite artists weren’t putting out classic content, because they were. In fact, Chance the Rapper’s newest album Coloring Book is now available on Spotify, (something he’s never done with a new release), so it was as if I was sinking into a meaningless hole of nostalgic numbness with each song with no inclination as to why.
Then one night, tucked in under my trusty laptop, headphones in hand, I hit shuffle and Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” comes on. It must of been some form of poetic justice, for that night was July 9th 2016, the eve of the four year anniversary of Ocean’s transcendent Channel Orange album.
Now, this isn’t another redundant pleading cry for the release of Mr. Ocean’s sophomore piece. I’d since come to terms with Frank’s reclusion into radio silence, and had actually avoided any reminder of the fact that it had been four years since the first time I actually cried listening to music. Four years since the first time I’d bought an entire album with the intention to listen to the whole thing, over and over. Really? Four years? It was hard for me to believe, and instantly I had an explanation for my midsummer music blues.
Some of the latest public news of Ocean is his appearance in the new Calvin Klein ad campaign. In it Ocean describes music as “necessary act,” he goes on in what reads almost as a two line spoken word poem. The ad itself is beautiful, clearly influenced by Ocean’s creative energy. And overall, a great prelude to whatever I know is soon to come.
Frank Ocean just released Blonde.

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