REVIEW: 3 Headed Beast

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Women in hip hop and rap music are shining through and time after time are proving that this isn’t a man’s game anymore. Three very different artists collaborate on this track with the perfect title, “3 Headed Beast.” On this joint, Suzi Q, MC Bonnie, and Myss UneeK join forces to create an eccentric rap track with mad lyricism in it.
“3 Headed Beast” is an Andrew Christopher CoCoVinis beat. And of course the ladies name-drop him on the track. Always shout out to the producers. Without them, we would just have rhymes.
Speaking of rhymes, Suzi Q came into the track with an unique delivery. Out of the three, her voice blends perfectly with this beat. She is definitely unforgettable due to her rhymes, voice, and delivery. Very haunting and daring.
As for MC Bonnie, who comes in after Suzi Q, talks about her respect for her hometown, New York. You can tell that New York has influenced her because of her style. Riding this beat, MC Bonnie does her thing. Her people from NY should be very proud of her. Very raw talent here.
Lastly, who I think did the best lyrical on the track is Miss UneeK. Not only did she spit some hot bars, but added poetry (almost spoken word) at the end of her verse. Completely throwing off the listeners for a nice surprise. She gives “3 Headed Beast” a good flavor.
Overall, this track is different sonically, but the lyrics are there, making this a good rap track. Let us know your thoughts. Hit play below!

MC Bonnie:
Myss UneeK:

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