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Dj Supe is a man who wears many hats. He’s a visionary person and have an ear for production. Not only is he a talented DJ, but he is also a radio personality and entrepreneur. He uses his platform to showcase up and coming artists as well as put a spotlight on his deejaying. A DJ is valuable in music, especially in hip hop. He is the essential to getting the crowd attentive and hype. Dj Supe is amazing at what he does and it was a pleasure of interviewing him.
In our interview, Dj Supe talked about his upbringing, love for music, challenges in this industry as well as working with some talented artists.
Tell us about your upbringing and how you go into music.
DJ Supe: My name is DJ Supe. I first started deejaying officially in 1994. My first gig was the same day OJ Simpson was running from the police on the freeway(laughs). I had been rapping all throughout high school with my friends at different events on campus and at clubs we were not old enough to legally be in. I got in to making my own mixtapes in the late 80s and early 90s by recording my favorite music on a cassette deck off the radio. I learned how to hold the pause button and then release it right in tempo with the beat so the songs would mix together in a seamless transition. I would then wait until my mom and dad went to work and pop in the cassette tape in their big stereo sound system. I would sit on the porch and leave the door open so people walking by would hear the music. Sometimes they would stop and hang out for a minute while the music played. I liked watching them react when the beat would switch.
What are you currently working on?

DJ Supe: Right now, I am promoting my new song with R&B artist TanJanae called “Bonnie & Clyde”. It is on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. Going to shoot a video to it in mid-September. It is going to be a very dynamic and theme-driven visual. I want to do more than just shoot an artist dancing a club or standing in front of a car. I don’t want to put my audience to sleep…I am interested in creating a story.
Tell us your biggest highlight of summer 2016.

DJ Supe: Biggest highlight was taking piano lessons. I loved the piano already and knew my way around it. But when I learned to read notes and understand how to arrange chord progressions on paper, it opened up a whole new world in my compositions.
What are some obstacles you have overcome in this industry?

DJ Supe: I use to be very unhealthy which affected my music. I got home really late and woke up really early. My eating habits were horrible and consequently I went to the hospital. I switched all of that up and now when I have a late night gig. I can still maintain a high level of energy.
What are some of the lessons you’ve learn while handing the music business?
DJ Supe: I learned it is better to have too much than too little. I also learned that music isn’t for everyone…sad but true. Got to know your limitations.
What do you do on your spare time?
DJ Supe: Probably working on more music (laughs)…I like to travel. Hop on a plane or bus and just go places I haven’t been to. I like to see new people and be around new attitudes.

Who are some artists you have worked with. Give them a shoutout!

DJ Supe: I have worked with Sumthin’ Terrible, Cawzlos, Ayanna Charlene, Bueno, Pacific Sunrise, and TanJanae to name a few. They are all very, very talented and I was blessed to work them.
Name something random no one knows about you.

DJ Supe: I can’t swim.
What’s next for you?

DJ Supe: Planning on releasing my EP entitled Weirdo. It will include artists I have already worked with and a couple of new ones. My internet radio station is up and running and I plan to bring on as many independent artists as possible. It is on my website and artists can collect performance royalties when played on my station.
Anything else you would like to share with our audience.
DJ Supe: If your reason for failing does not include a solution, it is an excuse.




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