True Deuce- About That Time

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Oh boy! When we hit the play button on this track, it took us back to 1994 California. True Deuce, the emerging rap artist has that west coast flavor that is refreshing to hear nowadays since all of the upcoming artists are sounding like they’re from Atlanta. Funny enough, the recommended videos on the sidebar of Youtube was Warren G (ft. Nate Dogg) “Regulate” and Luniz’ “I Got Five On It” when his video popped up. That was a sign that “About That Time” would be some heat. And it was. This is a track to bump in your cadillac with the homies and cruise the streets on a hot summer day. It has that feel to it. As True Deuce smoothly raps, telling his story, the production is just as smooth.
Take a listen to “About That Time” and follow True Deuce on Instagram @TrueDeuce

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