Hollywood P -"Kristina"

The music that you can just vibe with, is what is most popular among young listeners and new ears. In hip hop music, the evolution is amazing to see. The music is more ‘lax and carefree and sometimes the subject matter isn’t always about serious topics. We need party songs and anthems. We need tracks to roll up to and just mellow out with your friends. Music is a reflection of life and we all need something different to listen to throughout the day.
Case in point, when I first heard Hollywood P’s “Kristina” track, I was instantly hook. That is the sound I’m used to. “Kristina” is vibey and very radio-friendly. I can really picture this song being played on local hip hop radio stations across the U.S. That’s how relatable the sound is to listeners. Think of future, the Migos or even Drake, this song would fit in that category. The track which features Apehouse Stax and Sassieon Dupris, is a nice collaboration because each artist shine on his own and showcase his lyrical capabilities. “Kristina” is a song off of Apehouse Entertainment’s compilation album, The Dawning, which highlights many songs with talented artists in the game.
Since this track is one of many of the releases, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the music that ApeHouse Entertainment has to offer.
Stream “Kristina” below and let me know your thoughts!

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