Spotlight Interview: Blood Brothers

These young guys are making waves on Soundcloud and in their hometown as they create music that reflects their reality. Hailing from Huntsville,Al, three rappers decided to form a rap group that goes by the name Blood Brothers. Blood Brothers, who includes members Solo Jae, Nukk Nukk, and Marselis, are all fairly young, but they can appeal to what the new listeners and young listeners find intreseting and cool in today’s music. They have found a formula that works for them and is riding that wave as we speak. Blood Brothers is a group that is fairly new to me, so I had to do an interview to see what they were all about.
I got a chance to interview one of the brothers, Marselis to talk about . Peep the interview below.
Tell us about yourself and your music?
My name is Marselis. I’m 17 from the north side of Huntsville AL. I’ve been into music since I was little, but I ain’t really start rapping until I was 15 and it really ain’t come to me. As far as taking it serious until I was 16. [Then] me, Jae and Nukk came up with BloodBrothers. We made almost all our music in my basement on a laptop and started to grow on SoundCloud and other sites and seen how people was and is fucking with the movement. The way I create my music is by putting everything I went and go through in my music. reality rap.
How would you describe your sound?
While rapping I find parts in the song, I think should have a melody in it. At some parts of the time, whenever I feel the beats tell me to .
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
The first Project put out was Before I Lay Down. Me , Jae and Nukk are on the tape. It was made quickly. We had a lot to put together in a little amount of time before they had [to go to] trial.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
I’m working on a mixtape and look forward to more videos coming soon.
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
I really wouldn’t know .. As of right now.
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s).
I don’t have one but I do listen to Boosie, D – aye , Gates , Pac , NBA, young boy he about same age as me. He [is] raw too … other then that I listen to our music that me my brothers made or I made by myself . As far as features and collaborating? I’d love to work with anybody that wanna work with me.

Name something random that people do not know about you
I don’t really watch TV unless it’s the NBA, or a movie. It [has] to be a Mafia movie. My favorite movies are “John Gotti,” “Scarface” and all the “GodFather” movies.

What’s one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?

Staying consistent to make it and keep my circle small and not letting the ones down that’s supporting.
What can we expect from you in the future?
The Mixtape Before I Lay Down featuring me and my brothers Jae and Nukk is out, so go get it!
I’m working on a new project myself of right now .. expect more music.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Support the movement while we continue the hustle. Free My Brothers they coming home soon, until then and after, it ain’t no stopping. Only God knows what’s next!

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