Optixiz – "Hunger Painz"

When a lyricist is in the building, you will know. And that lyricist right now is Optixiz. The hip hop artist entered into the Syko Cypher V Contest and simply ripped the mic with his witty punchlines, immaculate flow, and confident demeanor.
Opitixiz puts you in the mind of a young mixture of Hopsin with Canibus, and a hint of Eminem in his delivery and rhymes. And that is definitely different than what we are hearing on the radio. So kudos to Opitixiz for keeping it true hip hop and all about the lyricism. In his cypher entitled, “Hunger Painz,” he gives what you as listeners have been missing: bars!
He gets dark talking about his life experiences, his competition, and what makes him the illest out. The visual is quite simple and isn’t gimicky as some artists’ cyphers can be. Opitixiz is front and center, wearing a blue t-shirt and delivers some of the best metaphors.
He wants this. And he is in this rap game to win it. He raps: “I’m hungry, I want to eat, too/ beats tastes delicious and I’m just having a feast too/ If it’s love, it’s love/ but if it’s war, then it’s war/motherf****er, I’ll be glad to defeat you…I’ve been having these hunger pains.”
And we can see it, too!
Listen to the cypher, “Hunger Painz”


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